Ted Cruz: Sen. Reid's Stunts Can't Keep US from Standing with Ukraine

Ted Cruz: Sen. Reid's Stunts Can't Keep US from Standing with Ukraine

During a passionate senate floor speech Thursday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz reaffirmed America’s commitment to stand with the people of Ukraine despite Russian military aggression and Senator Harry Reid’s “political” actions.

Cruz attacked Senate Democrats’ moves to amend a pending foreign aid proposal already passed by the U.S. House by arguing they “are unnecessary” and would “diminish U.S. influence on the IMF,” (International Monetary Fund). According to a press release submitted to Breitbart Texas, Cruz reminded observers that Democratic proposals would “double” the U.S.’ financial commitment while shrinking the nation’s say in how the money is spent.

In his speech, Cruz repeatedly reminded the body that had the Senate simply adopted the House version, aid would already have been on its way to Ukraine.

Senator Cruz proffered a free market proposal that could prove mutually beneficial to the United States and Ukraine in wishing to establish American natural gas trade deals.

“We should move immediately to give Ukraine access to U.S. energy exports, particularly liquid natural gas, not just because it would help Ukraine and represent a serious blow to Russia, but because it makes perfect sense from the perspective of the United States. At a time when we’ve got the lowest labor rate participation since 1978, when millions of people are out of work and hurting, we should be developing and expanding our resources, and energy provides an opportunity to transform the geopolitical playing field, to use our abundant resources in a free market manner to free and liberate the people of Ukraine.”

Cruz argued free trade could help directly address the “economic blackmail” tactics employed by Russia against former Soviet satellite states like Ukraine. Watch the full speech courtesy of Breitbart TV, below.

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