Wendy Davis Welcomed By 'Crickets' In Midland

Wendy Davis Welcomed By 'Crickets' In Midland

Campaigning to be Texas’ next governor, State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) trekked to west Texas where–according to a local television station–she was met by an “almost empty room” and the sound of “crickets.”

KMID reporter Lauren Tropea told her audience that Davis’ visit on Wednesday was focused on public education initiatives. 

Midland County Democratic Party chairman David Rosen said her visit was “beneficial.”

“There were people who were not familiar with the Democratic Party, were not active in the party, but they were excited about Wendy Davis,” he told KMID.

The Odessa American has reported on Wednesday her visit to that city was originally open to the press, but the invitation was rescinded by Davis’ campaign.

Earlier this year the Davis campaign and Travis County Democratic Party were criticized in a Huffington Post article for not allowing the press to attend an event, giving exclusive access to the Texas Tribune.

Meanwhile, the liberal Texas Observer’s David Mann criticized Davis’ campaign as being “about the worst at media relations” he had “ever seen…Her team’s mismanagement of the press is damaging her candidacy.” His article was titled “Wendy Davis’ Media Fail.”

Michael Quinn Sullivan is the President of Empower Texans. Follow him on Twitter @MQSullivan