Malnourished and Abused Child from Houston Now Making Speedy Recovery

Malnourished and Abused Child from Houston Now Making Speedy Recovery

In March, five-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer of Spring, Texas was found severely malnourished and badly beaten, according to news reports. The child’s father, 24-year-old Bradley Bleimeyer, and stepmother, 33-year-old Tammie Bleimeyer, allegedly kept the child locked under the stairs in their home. Officers rescued Jordan and took him to Texas Children’s Hospital, according to the Daily Mail. Less than one month later, the child appears to be happy and healthy. 

Immediately after authorities discovered Jordan, he weighed a mere 29 pounds and had serious injuries on his back. He seems to be making a rapid recovery, however; a photo posted by the Facebook page Toy Drive For Baby Boy Bleimeyer shows the boy smiling and seemingly healthy. The photo’s caption said, “The power of love and prayers bring us this amazing smile. Please help by sharing this incredible update around the world.”

Jordan was saved after police initially responded to a disturbance call at the home of his father and stepmother. Reports state that at the home, a soiled mattress was found underneath the stairs. Tammie Bleimeyer, who is currently pregnant, fled the home with Jordan before police got to the scene, according to click2houston; she was eventually discovered in motel with the child. 

A spokesman from the Harris County Constable’s Office told Breitbart Texas that both parents have been charged with a felony relating to child endangerment. Bradley Bleimeyer reportedly has an extensive criminal history and was out on bond for a burglary charge at the time, according to the Daily Mail

Tammie Bleimeyer, who is out of jail on a $2,000 bond, denied abusing the child. She told local media outlet KHOU that she was “shocked” when she saw Jordan’s scraped and bruised back.

“I have never seen him look like that and I have never seen him with his shirt off recently,” she said. “”I don’t know what caused him to look like that. I don’t know if it’s a health issue or something else like that. I don’t want to be like everyone else and assume the worst.”

The 33-year-old, who has six children, also told KHOU that she did not flee to the motel where she and Jordan were found in order to escape police. “[Bradley] called me and asked me to come by so we brought some pizza. He was actually eating pizza when the police arrived.” She said that she and Bradley were separated, so he was not living at her house in Spring. That is why he was staying at the motel, Tammie alleged. 

Mrs. Jordan also told the media outlet that the boy never slept under the stairs. 

At this time, Jordan remains in hospital as he recovers and continues to gain weight. Citizens in the greater Houston area have been encouraged to drop off materials for the child. BEAR is a nonprofit organization that provides “fundamental” materials to kids in the custody of Child Protective Services. 

A BEAR spokeswoman told Breitbart Texas, “We are located in CPS offices. When a child like Jordan has needs, a caseworker comes to our offices and gets whatever emergency materials the child may need–clothing, shoes, socks, something to eat, a blanket, and other things of that nature.”

So far, donations for Jordan have poured in at a rapid rate. 

Jordan’s story has provoked national attention. A petition called “Jordan’s Law” currently has over 850 signatures and is pushing for “tougher sentencing for crimes against children.” 

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