New Poll Gives Abbott a 2 to 1 Lead over Wendy Davis

New Poll Gives Abbott a 2 to 1 Lead over Wendy Davis

A new poll released shows more bad news for Wendy Davis in Texas this week. Texas Tech University released results on April 17 showing that Greg Abbott comfortably leads Davis among registered Texas voters by 54 to 25 percent.

The poll was the second this week that showed strong support for Greg Abbott in November’s gubernatorial election. Earlier this week, Breitbart Texas reported that Public Policy Polling showed Greg Abbott leading Wendy Davis 51 to 37 percent. Not only did the poll show a commanding lead overall by Abbott, but women supported Abbott 49 to 41 percent.

According to KFYO-AM, the Texas Tech poll asked respondents their opinions on a range of other issues as well.

President Obama and Obamacare remain very unpopular in Texas with both receiving a disapproval rating of 73 percent. 97 percent of Texans had no problems voting with the new Voter ID law in place. Senator Ted Cruz is the most popular Senator in Texas with a 51 percent approval rating. Senator John Cornyn was a few points behind with only a 46 percent approval rating.

According to polling results, Texans are split on the issue of gay marriage. 48 percent of respondents favor recognizing gay marriage while 47 percent opposed it.

The survey of 454 registered voters in Texas was completed over the phone with a margin of error of +/-4.6%.

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