Texas Profile: 'Cahnman's Musings' Adam Cahn

Texas Profile: 'Cahnman's Musings' Adam Cahn

Sundays in Breitbart Texas will periodically feature interviews with political figures and other news-makers across the Lone Star State. This week’s feature shines a spotlight on Austin, Texas blogger Adam Cahn and his political blog, Cahnman’s Musings.

Cahnman’s Musings, which gets its name from Adam Cahn’s childhood nickname, carries the subtitle, “Jesus, Sex, and the Texas Economy” and focuses on two key areas of what he calls his backyard– the Texas Capitol and the University of Texas (UT), both of which are close to his Austin home.

In the recorded interview below, Cahn describes why he got into the hobby of blogging and how that grew into a watchdog project to keep a close eye on the State of Texas and the operation of the UT campus nearby.  He described his beginnings as a writer where he was composing emails to send to friends about what he was observing and how that was different from what the media was reporting.

“I would spend a half-hour writing political emails,” Cahn said. “I realized if I were to put that into a blog instead, I could leverage that into places where other people could see it.”  Cahn began his blogging on Texas politics during the 2012 Election cycle focusing on national security problems and the growing list of Obama Administration failures.

“After the 2012 Election,” Cahn continued, “I went into looking at things at the state level.”

Cahn cited as one of his blogging successes; his coverage of the Wendy Davis pro-abortion filibuster and the buildup of tension from the left, leading up to a chaotic night in the Texas Capitol.  During an event inside the Capitol, Cahn wrote about and included a video that captured the now-notorious event where a group of conservatives singing Amazing Grace were surrounded by a group of leftists in orange chanting “Hail Satan.”  This was reportedly occurring regularly across the Capitol during the days leading up to the vote, but the video posted on Facebook by conservative activist and consultant, James Barnes, was allegedly the first to capture it.

“That whole two-and-a-half-week period was probably the biggest service I have ever been able to do for the outside world,” Cahn said retrospectively.

Describing the night of the Wendy Davis filibuster Cahn recounted, “You know how during the last fifteen minutes, I was sitting in the middle of that as the only person wearing blue.”  During this period, conservatives were wearing blue shirts and the pro-abortion activists were wearing orange.  “It was wild,” Cahn continued. “Those whole two-and-a-half-weeks were crazy.”

Cahn discussed how his blog focuses on stories with a Texas connection. Often, national stories or issues will have a Texas connection and he strives to bring that out for his readers. 

“The other really big thing I have been focusing on of late is all the big scandals and corruption at the University of Texas,” Cahn said. “Those people are up to their eyeballs in so much corruption. The more you pay attention to it, the more it will make your head spin.” Cahn’s latest post on the issue features a leaked email from embattled UT Regent Wallace Hall to Regent Chairman Paul Foster.

To someone who is seeking to find a platform to express their viewpoints, Chan offered the following suggestions.  “Talk about things that aren’t getting covered,” Cahn advised. “Step two is, focus and stay as close to your house, your neighborhood and your community… Tell what’s going on–truthfully and factually and just kind of build it from there. Let it grow organically. It may take some time, but it’s worth it.”  Cahn went on to cite as an example, David Jennings Big Jolly Politics who Breitbart Texas featured two weeks ago. “I don’t necessarily agree with everything they have to say on state-level stuff, but they do really good coverage of local stuff in Houston.”

Cahn described some suggestions for writing style and techniques to help aspiring bloggers become successful more quickly.

Following is the entire recorded interview with Adam Cahn, founder of Cahnman’s Musings:

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