Caught on Tape: Coyote on Jet Ski Smuggles Mother and Child into Texas

Caught on Tape: Coyote on Jet Ski Smuggles Mother and Child into Texas

MCALLEN, Texas–A Mexican human smuggler was caught on tape by Breitbart Texas as he used a jet ski to bring a Central American woman and her infant into the U.S. illegally. The exclusive video shows the the smuggler, also known as a coyote, bringing the woman and infant across the Rio Grande River and then driving his jet ski back to Mexico alone. The woman and infant can be seen emerging from high grass on the U.S. side of the river. She then walked in plain view of U.S. authorities until a Border Patrol agent arrived and took the pair into custody.

The event occurred at Anzalduas Park in Mission, Texas. A dam immediately downstream of the area creates a small lake and Mexican smugglers routinely ride jet skis to smuggle humans and narcotics in the region. U.S. law enforcement is often powerless to stop the smugglers unless they set foot on U.S. soil.

Border Patrol agent Albert Spratte, speaking to Breitbart Texas as a spokesperson for the agents’ union, can be seen in the video describing the frequent occurrences of smuggling in the region.

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The exclusive Breitbart Texas video was shot and produced by Dan Fleuette.


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