Mexican Cartel 'Message to America' Report is False [GRAPHIC]

Mexican Cartel 'Message to America' Report is False [GRAPHIC]

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — Some groups are claiming that a gruesome Mexican cartel execution video making the rounds on social media claims shows the cartel members relaying a “message to America.” Breitbart Texas has confirmed that the video is not a message to America, but rather a message to a rival cartel from 2012. 

The graphic video shows a group from the Zetas cartel wearing black facemasks similar to those worn by ISIS members. They are beheading four women before hacking them to pieces with axes. The similarities between the Zetas and ISIS end at the masks and the beheading. 

A fact-checking investigation undertaken by Breitbart Texas revealed that the video first popped up in the Mexican website Blog Del Narco in 2012 at a time when the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel were having a fierce battle for control of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, which is just south of the Texas border. The Gulf Cartel and the Zetas are two warring crime syndicates that have been fighting since 2010 for control of lucrative drug trade routes in Texas and Northern Mexico. 

Before executing the women, the Zetas interrogated them and then relayed a message. However anyone with a basic knowledge of Spanish can understand the message as that of a challenge to the Gulf Cartel warning them that others would meet a similar fate. The Zetas seen in the article posted by, which actually uses the video from, makes no mention or threats to America. 

When the original video was released in Mexico in 2012, it gained wide popularity because one of the women that was beheaded is rumored to have been a commander for the Gulf Cartel who went by the name of the Crazy Blonde or “Wera Loka”. The female gunman had risen to fame just months earlier when her crew had made a move to move the Zetas out of central Tamaulipas and she became the star of various gruesome videos. 

Wearing a pink sleeveless shirt and a black facemask, “Wera Loka” can be seen in various underground videos using a hunting knife to behead various men believed to have been working for the Zetas. The videos and the fact that she was a woman commander made her an urban legend of sorts and various Narco-ballads popped up in the Mexican music underground scene. 

WARNING: Graphic Video

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