Cartel Threats Shut Down Mexican Border University

Cartel Threats Shut Down Mexican Border University

MCALLEN, Texas — Cartel threats have forced a university in the Mexican border city of Reynosa to cancel it’s classes for almost a week.The Valle de Mexico University sent out a memo to its students this week and posted an announcement on social media claiming that the classes were cancelled for unspecified reasons. 

A Tamaulipas law enforcement official told Breitbart Texas that the closing of the campus had to do with extortion by the Gulf Cartel.

Authorities have begun looking into the case and have provided security to the campus, however as of Wednesday afternoon students had not returned to class.Reynosa is a border city just south of Hidalgo County and for years has been under the control of the Gulf Cartel, despite some efforts by the Mexican military to take back control. 

While citizens try to go about their daily lives in that border city and factories continue to produce goods for export, the choke hold that the Gulf Cartel has on the region has stunted growth and social activities.The Gulf Cartel is a crime syndicate that not only moves drugs into the U.S. but has also branched off into human trafficking, kidnapping, murder for hire, extortion, and several other criminal activities. 

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