Ebola Quarantined Individuals Escorted from Apartment to Undisclosed Location

Ebola Quarantined Individuals Escorted from Apartment to Undisclosed Location

HOUSTON, Texas — Four individuals were removed from the apartment where the Dallas Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, was staying prior to his diagnosis. The four individuals, who were removed from the apartment unit wearing no bio hazard clothing or masks, will be relocated to a more isolated location where they will remain quarantined. 

A Public Information Officer (PIO) with the City of Dallas told Breitbart Texas that at this time the family members remain asymptomatic. They must still, however, remain isolated from the general population until 21 days have passed with no Ebola symptoms apparent. 

“The family looked happy and generally healthy,” Breitbart Texas reporter Bob Price, who was at the scene on Friday, said. 

The removed individuals, who were escorted out of the apartment complex by county officials, are being taken to a private residence at an undisclosed location. The PIO said that the home was donated by an unnamed individual since no other facility would take the family in at this time. 

A HAZMAT team wearing bio hazard gear entered the quarantined apartment earlier today to remove all contaminants–according to CNN, linens soiled with sweat of the Ebola patient were in the residence with the four individuals who were ordered to stay inside. 

The Dallas PIO told Breitbart Texas that the HAZMAT team had removed three mattresses, since the Ebola patient had slept on all three of them. The team also confiscated bedding, towels, and sheets. The potentially contaminated items were put into sealed barrels, which will be brought to a facility and stored. They will eventually be incinerated. 

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