Another Cartel Commander Caught and Exposed

Gulf Cartel Commander
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Looking to avoid getting arrested, the top Gulf Cartel operative in the Mexican port city of Tampico, Tamaulipas, allegedly tried unsuccessfully to bribe authorities.

On Saturday afternoon, authorities with the Tamaulipas government announced the arrest of the Silvestre Haro “El Chive or R1” Rodriguez who is said to be the plaza boss for the Gulf Cartel in that port city.

The arrest took place Friday night at a hospital in Tampico. Haro Rodriguez along with various associates and relatives was visiting his right hand man, Carlos Alberto Alvarez Diaz, who ironically had lost a hand as a result of an accident with an explosive device, the information revealed.

At the time of the arrest, authorities seized seven assault rifles, 5 grenades, five handguns. One of these guns was gold plated. 1788 ammunition rounds of ammunition were also seized.

Along with Haro Rodriguez, authorities also arrested his sister, Naomi Sarahi Haro Rodriguez.

Also arrested were Rosa Elena Diaz Acevedo, and Luis Alberto Diaz Gallegos. They are the parents of the injured Alvarez Diaz.

The associates arrested by authorities were Rigoberto Espinoza Martinez, Renzo Eduardo Yanez Saldana y Alex Hernandez Salazar.

Just last April, Haro Rodriguez fought off an attempt to capture him as previously reported by Breitbart Texas reported in the Cartel Chronicles. During that firefight, his gunmen set up blockades all over the city and torched buses and cars to keep authorities at bay.

Various sources consulted by Breitbart Texas confirm that Haro Rodriguez had in fact been captured. They said he had bribed his way out. Bribery has become all too common in Tamaulipas. As previously reported on the Cartel Chronicles, various high ranking cartel commanders have been arrested in the past only to be set free after paying hefty bribes.

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