Jeb Bush: Border Wall ‘Not Practical’

Jeb Bush in Florida - Rob Milford Photo
Photo: Breitbart Texas/Rob Milford

Republican Presidential Candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told a group at a Florida rally about his Texas border trip and explained why a border wall wouldn’t be practical or conservative.  Bush returned to the friendly turf of the Sunshine State on Wednesday, with a town hall style meeting in Pensacola.

Pensacola is a solidly conservative town in the Florida panhandle. He spoke of his experience as the state’s former governor, but only answered a single question about the Border Crisis.

“I went to McAllen, Texas, in Hildago County, last week and met with the Mayors, the County Judge, and the Sheriff, right out of central casting with a big mustache, and these are good salt of the earth people who are concerned about their community,” Bush stated during the rally attended by Breitbart Texas.

He said these Democrat community leaders told him, “You can’t build a wall and solve this problem in our part of the country. The terrain is too rugged, you’d have to keep American citizens on the other side of the wall, and you couldn’t access the river, which is part of the economic driver of the community, it is an agricultural community, they need to have access to the water. And it’s not a feasible to build a wall, but it is a simple solution.”

He added “But it’s not practical, and it’s not conservative.”

“I’ll tell you what they say on the border,” Bush continued, “it would tear apart their community, would hurt their economic activity, and it’s not needed, and there are better ways to deal with this…”

“Tell you what I will do…provide more support for local law enforcement, make them the eyes and ears of the Border Patrol,” he said, explaining his plan. “Push the Border Patrol to the border rather than have them pulled back. Use technology, use drones and GPS to surge to places where there are weaknesses.”

Bush said we should “deal with the 40% that come with a legal visa and overstay their by using bio metrics. And eliminate this notion of sanctuary cities which is a disaster for our country.” He received loud applause with this statement.

“But do it as a conservative, for crying out loud,” he exclaimed, “I don’t think we should spend hundreds of billions of dollars with an impractical solution.”

Referring to Donald Trump and his proposals for a wall and immigration, Bush said, “This guy is now the front runner, he should be held accountable as I am, he should be asked how he should pay for it. Why don’t you prove to me it’s practical? How are you going to stop all of the remittances without violating their civil rights?”

Bush concluded “You’ll find he doesn’t have a plan. He appeals to peoples angst and anger, I want to solve problems so we can fix this, and our plan will turn this into what immigration has always been, an economic driver for this country.”

Rob Milford is a news contributor to Breitbart Texas. You can follow him on Facebook.



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