Photo Goes Viral Over Texas Senior’s Headstanding Buck Display on Jeep

Deer Mount
Photo: Facebook/Seguin Gazette

A photo of a Texas man with a 200-pound headstanding buck strapped to his Jeep with its feet straight up in the air brought a viral reaction from viewers of the photo.

70-year-old Bobby Wuest was traveling down a major interstate with his hunting trophy when a reporter from the Seguin Gazette took a photo.

The Gazette posted the photo on its Facebook page and reported about the “hubbub surrounding the photo.”

The photo and comments to the photo went viral after the San Antonio region media outlet posted it on social media.

Wuest told the Seguin paper he was on his way to an auto and welding shop when the photo was taken. He said it was a 160 mile trip.

“I get a lot of thumbs up and perfect hand gestures, and people take pictures of it one after another. I got a lot of positive feedback from people.”

The Texas senior  said, “I’m very active, but picking up a 200 pound buck is pretty hard,” Wuest said. “[My friend] and I come up with this idea; It’s a 205 pound Warn winch, which is basically an electric winch hooked up to the battery. It has pulleys on top, so I can pull up to 2,500 pounds.”

He added, “It’s really neat, it goes up and down. In the photo it was at its highest.”

Wuest took a hit for displaying the deer in this way, as both disrespectful to the animal, and perhaps a health concern because of the temperature. One called it “degrading to the dead animal.” Another said, “My only concern what kind of temperature the unprocessed deer was in. I would not want to eat from this kill.”

Another commenter wrote, “Great pic. A hunter has to do what a hunter has to do. Get over it.”

Samantha Schmidt commented, “I’m loving this man!!!! He’s an older gentleman and his give a shi**er is broke. He went hunting… Killed a deer….. And now he’s hauling it to get processed…. Then I’m sure his family will enjoy the meat!!!”

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2


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