Texas Governor: Time To Support Trump, Put America Back On Right Track

Abbott Trump
Photo Array: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said it is time for the GOP to support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He said there was no option to sit it out saying, “We have no second chance to get this right.”

The governor of the Lone Star State explained that the country is at “a tipping point.” “People have to participate if we are going to put America back on the right track,” Abbott said while appearing on CNBC.

Abbott endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz in February but said that Trump will be far better for the country than would Hillary Clinton.

Breitbart Texas reported Abbott’s endorsement of Cruz in February. The Texas senator served as Abbott’s solicitor general in the Office of the Texas Attorney General when Abbott was attorney general. He called Cruz his friend.

Breitbart Texas was in Houston covering the event when Abbott told hundreds of enthusiastic supporters at a rally that the United States was at a crossroads. “We need a president that will lead us down the right path,” he said when endorsing Cruz. He invoked the words of Ronald Reagan saying that Americans were just one generation away from losing their freedom.

At that time, the Governor said that Americans were facing not only real dangers from ISIS but urged that “our own leaders” are failing to stand up for First Amendment rights of free speech and other fundamental constitutional rights. He said the IRS was targeting groups and treading on the rights of freedom of association and charged that “the elites” and those on the east coast were targeting Second Amendment rights. He added that private property rights were under attack and said the EPA was targeting farms in Texas.

When on CNBC, the Texas Governor called Hillary Clinton “nothing more than an extension of the Obama agenda, if not far worse.” He said he has seen divisions in the Republican Party before. He said, “This is something that we’ve been through every four years.” Abbott explained that the same situation happened when Mitt Romney and John McCain were running for president.

Abbott said, there is “no opportunity to sit it out,” people must participate “if we are going to put America back on the right track.”

He admitted, “I may or may not agree with everything that Donald Trump stands for,” but added that he did not agree with everything that Romney or McCain stood for.

Abbott cited as examples, regulating the energy industry, or international issues such as ISIS or the immigration system, and empathically stated, “I know that Hillary is far worse for America than Donald Trump would be.”

“So I think Republicans will unite understanding that we cannot take four or eight more years of the Obama agenda,” the Texas Governor predicted.

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. She has served as a prosecutor and associate judge in Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2


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