Mexican Mule Bound for Florida Found with 5 Kilos of Coke

MUG Sara Elisa Ceron
Gulfport PD

A Mexican national who crossed the US-Mexico border into Texas is accused of trafficking five kilos of cocaine across three states before reaching her intended destination in Pensacola, Florida.

Sara Elisa Ceron, 30, was pulled over by local authorities in the Gulfport, Mississippi area for “careless driving,” according to a report by the Sun Herald.

Once stopped by police, Ceron said she was originally going to see family members in the Gulfport area. Deputies became suspicious because the alleged drug trafficker had already passed the two Gulfport exits.

Ceron told police she had purchased the vehicle she was driving three months earlier after she quit her job and claimed she was coming to the United States to take care of her mother. Ceron continued to tell police that she had recently began working for an accountant in Mexico instead.

That’s when Ceron said she was planning to take a trip to Pensacola to visit the beach, but the police found no evidence of a swimsuit or beach attire in her vehicle for such plans. Police discovered her family was in the country illegally.

After searching Ceron’s vehicle with her permission, authorities found five, one-kilo packages inside what was described as a “sophisticated trap” to conceal the drugs, the Florida paper reported.

Ceron told police the packages and compartment concealing them were in the vehicle before she bought the car, claiming to have never seen them before.

Police said Ceron’s background check showed she had come across the US-Mexico border a day before and had brought the drugs through Texas, Louisiana and almost half-way through Mississippi.

Ceron remains in police custody where her preliminary court hearings will begin this week. She is accused of drug trafficking.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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