Illegal Immigrant Uber Driver Skips Town after Rape Accusation

"Uber receives law enforcement requests for information related to criminal investigations, and may provide information about specific trips, riders or drivers in response,"

A Democrat Massachusetts judge in a “Welcoming City” for illegal aliens set a low bond on a previously deported Dominican Uber driver accused of raping a Boston College student. She did so, knowing immigration officials were about to put a detainer on the suspected rapist. Predictably, he has not been seen since that day in court.

Prosecutors in the case asked the judge for a $100,000 bond and told her that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers were working on getting a detainer on the alleged rapist. Instead, Newton District Court Judge Mary Beth Heffernan “insisted on $2,500 bail,” the Boston Herald reported in a scathing article.

The recipient of the small bail, Luis Baez (aka Pedro Valetin), is charged with raping the female college student three times. Reports indicate Baez (or Valetin) worked as an Uber driver using a fictitious name.

Breitbart Texas spoke with ICE Public Affairs Officer Shawn Neudauer about the judge setting the low bail.

“You mean the one who released him on purpose, knowing we were coming for him?” Neudauer expressed. He confirmed that ICE officials were working hard to confirm Baez’s identity prior to his release. Baez refused to cooperate with police during his fingerprinting process making positive identification more time-consuming, Neudauer said.

ICE confirmed that Enforcement Removal Officers deported Baez in 2010 following two Class A felony convictions. A court convicted Baez in 2004 on an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charge, and in 2003 for a felony possession of a controlled substance charge. Despite his violent criminal history and previous deportation, the judge ignored the prosecutor’s request for a $100,000 and set bail at $2,500. Baez’s girlfriend attended court with the suspect and “paid his bail on the spot,” Neudauer said.

Thirty minutes later, ICE confirmed the identity of the previously deported alien and issued an immigration detainer.

Baez is alleged to have picked up a woman in Boston while driving under the fake name of Pedro Valentin in September, Middlesex District Attorney prosecutors told Boston25 News. Instead of dropping her at her requested destination, he drove her to another location where he allegedly sexually assaulted the young woman. He then dropped her off at Boston College and she reported the incident to campus police. Boston College would not confirm or deny if the woman is a student at the college.

ICE officers obtained a federal felony criminal warrant on Baez on a charge of illegal re-entry after removal. Neudauer said Customs and Border Protection officers will be watching for Baez if he attempts to flee the country via a port of entry.

The Massachusetts publication ripped Judge Heffernan, calling her “this week’s poster girl for the hackerama that is the Massachusetts state judiciary.” They also called her “A second-generation payroll patriot on the bench.”

The subtitle of the Boston Herald article lambasting the judge, her political legacy, and rulings made by her father when he was a judge, states – “Hack progeny held door for accused rapist on lam.”

Boston Herald writer Howie Carr expressed his frustration with the judge, writing:

Needless to say, Baez, aka Valetin, has not been seen since he was coddled by Heffernan.

This illegal immigrant is charged with raping the BC student three times. Whatever happened to the campus rape epidemic and the war on women that Democrats are supposed to be so worked up about? Does it only matter when Americans are falsely accused, like at the University of Virginia frat house or the Duke lacrosse team?

Did I mention that Newton has just become a “Welcoming City” for illegal immigrants? Not “sanctuary,” “Welcoming.”

This is what happens in a “Welcoming City” for illegal immigrants. Who needs a welcome wagon for accused rapist gangbangers when you have a Judge Heffernan to cut your bail?

Newton, Massachusetts, has taken a big step beyond alleged “sanctuary city” status to be a self-proclaimed “Welcoming City.” The Boston Globe reported in late February that the city council voted to make Newton a “Welcoming City” for immigrants.

More than 150 people held a rally before the City session to show their “‘sanctuary city’-type protections to immigrants and refugees,” the Boston Globe wrote. The measure passed by a vote of 16-to-1. Residents that attended the “packed meeting” responded with a standing ovation after the vote. Newton is the home of more than 19,000 residents who were born outside of the U.S. – about 22 percent of its population.

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