Shocking Audio Suggests Dallas Voter Fraud Scheme Reached into Elections Office

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The Dallas City Council voted reluctantly to accept the county’s results from the May 6 elections, currently under criminal investigation over voter fraud allegations. This comes amid shocking secret audio recordings surfacing in which a campaign worker alleges he paid off someone inside the county elections office to tip him off when mail-in ballots were sent out.

Wednesday, the five council members sitting on the city council’s Ad Hoc Canvassing Committee voted despite their reservations, saying they were uncomfortable with accepting Dallas County’s results but were told their job was purely ministerial and necessary to proceed with the three runoff races and one new council seat next month, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Breitbart Texas reported Dallas County officials opened a criminal investigation into the recent May 6 election following persistent voter fraud allegations involving mail-in ballots in Democrat races allegedly targeting elderly residents in hotly contested city council races. The probe left the results of two City of Dallas districts in limbo, including Democrat Mayor Pro Tem Monica Alonzo, the West Dallas favorite and front-runner for the District 6 council seat.

Lake Highland’s committee member Adam McGough told the Dallas newspaper, “I don’t have a lot of confidence” referring to the ongoing investigation over the mail-in ballots.

This vote follows a WFAA report the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office received stunning secret audio recording which captured hired campaign worker Jose Barrientos claiming he paid off someone inside the county elections office to tip him when mail-in ballots get sent out and to whom.

According to WFAA, another hired election worker named Sidney Williams recorded Barrientos saying a county elections employee lets certain campaign workers know about these mail-in ballots. However, Barrientos denied the accusation and told WFAA the recording are just “guy talk.”

Williams, though, told WFAA it was easy to steal a Dallas County ballot:

He goes in there. He speaks to this county employee. The county employee tips him off by ZIP code, lets him know which precincts are dropping,” explained Williams. “Either he’s stealing them from the mailbox, yanking them from a little old lady who probably has them, says he’s going to assist her in a specific way for a specific candidate.”

Breitbart Texas reported a “Jose Rodriguez” appeared to have requested “dozens” of ballots on behalf of unsuspecting elderly voters. In the audio recording, Barrientos mentions Rodriguez, a person who does not exist says Dallas Assistant District Attorney Andy Chatham.

In the audio, Barrientos tells Williams, according to WFAA:

Look who signed it. Jose Rodriguez. I don’t remember my name being Rodriguez but… (laughs) You’re talking to the master, bro. You ain’t got to sweat me. It was brought to my attention because it looks like my handwriting.

When Williams says it looks like Barrientos’ signature, Barrientos responds: “Maybe. Maybe not. I’ll never tell.”

Barrientos also admits to working to defeat Alonzo, saying “Monica is going down” through “absentees,” referring to the now 700 mail-in ballots under investigation for voter fraud.

As a result of Wednesday’s Ad Hoc Canvassing Committee vote, Alonzo’s race went to a run-off against Omar Narvaez, a Dallas County Schools trustee. She received 317 mail-in ballots and Narvaez, 159.

During the meeting, Dallas County Elections administrator Toni Pippins-Poole said 98 ballots were rejected of the 673 initially sequestered by the District Attorney’s office. She also noted the county received several mail-in applications from dead voters, which were immediately discarded, since the secretary of state updates voting rolls every month, according to the Morning News.  Pippins-Poole also said she does not know Williams, who created the recording or the community activist Barrientos, heard on it.

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