Report: Texas Church Shooter Was Atheist, Thought Christians ‘Stupid’

Devin Patrick Kelley
Mugshot of Devin Kelley

The man who shot and killed 26 people in a Texas church on Sunday is reported to be a creepy, crazy, and weird outcast who preached atheism online.

Former classmates of the Texas church shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, said he was an atheist and outcast who thought Christians were stupid, the Daily Mail reported.

“He was always talking about how people who believe in God we’re stupid and trying to preach his atheism,” former New Braunfels High School classmate Nina Rose Nava posted on Facebook. She said she was in “complete shock” after learning Kelley was the killer. “I legit just deleted him off my fb cause I couldn’t stand his post.”

Facebook user Christopher Leo Longoria responded, saying, “I removed him off FB for those same reasons! He was being super nagtive (sic) all the timd (sic),” the news outlet reported.

Another classmate, Patrick Boyce, told the Daily Mail, “He was the first atheist I met. He went Air Force after high school, got discharged but I don’t know why.” He said Kelley seemed depressed lately. “He had a kid or two, fairly normal,” he said. “I was just shocked. Shill haven’t quite processed how he could have done that.”

Responding to Nava’s Facebook post, Michael Goff stated, “He was weird but never that damn weird, always posting his atheist sh** like Nina wrote, but damn he always posted pics of him and his baby — crazy.”

Nava described her former classmate as an outcast but not a loner. “He was popular among other outcast. I haven’t spoke to him since high school,” she wrote.

Sill another outcast, whose identity the Daily Mail kept private, said “I grew up going to school with him… Always creeped me out and was different.”

She said that Kelley recently made a comment on one of her Facebook posts, “I said I just want to move back to Texas,” she explained. “He said something along the lines of ‘Texas isn’t any better.”

“It’s crazy to think I grew up with him,” she stated. “Same town. Same school. Same classes.”

“He was different in school and creeped me out but never would I have thought he would do such a horrific thing.”

Cord Eubank Brown, another former classmate, took to social media and said, “There were people I knew who stayed away from this guy for many reasons, which all make sense now.” Brown said he recently received a friend request from Kelley on Facebook.

After carrying out one of the worst church shootings in recent history, Kelley was shot by a resident of Sutherland Springs and fled the scene. Multiple residents reportedly pursued Kelley as he fled from the church until he crashed a few miles later. Police discovered multiple weapons and possible explosives inside his SUV, the Daily Mail reported.

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