Owner to Erect 8-Foot Ten Commandments Monument Inside Texas Mall

Music City Mall - Ten Commandments
Photos: Investment Corporation of America

The new owner of the Music City Mall in Lewisville, Texas, says he will erect an 8-foot tall Ten Commandments monument inside to help shoppers find “peace and love.” The mall’s new owner has installed similar monuments in his other hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Odessa businessman John Bushman recently purchased the Vista Ridge Mall. Along with the Ten Commandments monuments, Bushman is renaming the mall as Music City at Vista Ridge, the Dallas Morning News reported. He purchased the mall for $17.3 million in cash and will spend at least another $3 million in renovations.

Bushman intends to create an atmosphere that will draw shoppers by featuring local musicians, displaying a giant 30-by-60-foot American flag, and installing the Ten Commandment 800-pound tablets.

“We’re not trying to overwhelm anyone or make a statement. We just believe in the Lord’s love,” Bushman told the Dallas newspaper. “That’s the sole reason. We hope when someone sees it, it will touch their heart and give them new hope that day.”

The monuments will be located in two locations in the mall. The main display, the eight-foot by five foot Ten Commandments tablets will be on the ground floor because of the weights of the monument. A second display consisting of two commandments will be on the second floor.

“We’re putting the two greatest commandments about loving the Lord and your neighbor on the second level because they weigh about a third of the 800-pound Ten Commandments,” the new mall owner explained.

Bushman joins other companies who incorporate their faith into their business marketing plans. A list of those companies include Interstate Batteries in Dallas, Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma City, and Chick-fil-A in Atlanta.

The mall’s new general manager, Richard Morton, told the reporter, “Anytime a mall can be more open and friendly to shoppers and the community, I don’t see how you can fail.” He explained there will be daily music programs, a self-playing grand piano, and display areas for the art of local school students. He expects to draw shoppers not only from Lewisville but from the fast-growing neighboring cities of Coppell and Farmers Branch.

“In times of turbulence in the world,” Bushman concluded, “we’re sharing peace and the Lord’s love. We all need more of that.”

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