WATCH: Texas Couple Busted for Alleged Oral Sex in Family Cafe

Austin PD

An Austin area couple faces charges after allegedly engaging in oral sex at a family Tex-Mex restaurant for five minutes unabated.

Jonathan Hightower, 31, and Lashanda Fisher, 28, stopped in for late night eats and sexual treats at Baby Acapulco around 10:30pm Saturday, the Austin American-Statesman reports. The couple entertained each other for reportedly five minutes in a booth before excusing themselves to a nearby 7-Eleven store. Current reports do not indicate if anyone attempted to interrupt their reportedly lewd behavior.

The restaurant bills itself as “family friendly”, the New York Post reports, offering live music and other attractions to draw a more wholesome crowd. Hightower and Fisher were reportedly identified after a night manager for the venue reviewed surveillance footage and witnesses spoke with responding police officers.

The couple faces public lewdness charges, a Class A misdemeanor under the Texas Penal Code. If convicted, they could serve up to a year in jail and pay a $4,000 fine.

Affidavits related to the incident reportedly note that despite the late hour, children were indeed in sight of the alleged sexual behavior. It remains unclear at this time, however, if the weekly “kids eat free” deal was available during the episode.

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