Texas Woman Prays While Others Gawk at Suicidal Man

Jumper - KSAT Video Screenshot
Photo: KSAT ABC12 Video Screenshot

A Texas woman prayed for a suicidal man as police attempted to talk him down from jumping to his death. Other bystanders spent their time taking cell phone photos of the impending tragedy while others shouted obscenities at him.

KSAT ABC12 saw the woman praying and asked her about her decision. The woman, Grace Hernandez, told the reporter that with Mother’s Day approaching, she “felt compelled to pull over and pray.”

“What mother wants to be told that their son has committed suicide?,” Hernandez told the ABC affiliate. “I witnessed another (suicide) on Donella on Easter and I was coming from church and I called my pastor. I said ‘I can’t believe it,’ and he said, ‘That’s why. That’s our mission — is to pray.'”

Her prayers were answered as police successfully talked the man down from the billboard where he contemplated his demise.

Hernandez said she also prayed for the police and first responders who worked fearlessly to save the man’s life.

“My prayer is not just for him,” Hernandez said. “My prayer is for everyone that’s around this because you don’t know what could happen. I’m just grateful God heard my prayers.”

Others who watched took a different tact and actually encouraged the man to jump, the news outlet reported.

Officials reportedly transported the man to an area hospital for evaluation.

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