Alleged Al-Qaeda Terrorist Arrested in Arizona for Murder Charges in Iraq

FILE - In this Friday, June 15, 2012 file photo, an al-Qaida logo is seen on a street sign in the town of Jaar in southern Abyan province, Yemen. Arabic on the logo reads, "There is no god but God," and "Muhammad is the messenger of God." Al-Qaida in the …
AP Photo/Hani Mohammed, File

An alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist living in Phoenix, Arizona, is fighting extradition to Iraq so he can stand trial for murder charges involving two police officers.

Federal authorities arrested 42-year-old Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-Nouri on a provisional extradition warrant this week, the U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed. Authorities took Ahmed Al-Nouri before U.S. Magistrate Judge John Z. Boyle on Friday. Court records did not reveal if Ahmed Al-Nouri had a legal immigration status or how he entered the country despite his alleged Al-Qaeda ties.

Ahmed Al-Nouri, a “Phoenix-area resident,” says the U.S. Attorney, was a leader of an Al-Qaeda group in Fallujah. There, Ahmed Al-Nouri planned operations targeting police, according to prosecutors.

Between June and October 2006, his group allegedly killed a first lieutenant and a lower-ranking police officer. Those homicides form the basis for Iraq’s extradition request on Ahmed Al-Nouri.

According to prosecutors, a U.S. court must certify the extradition and after that, the Secretary of State will decide if Ahmed Al-Nouri is sent to Iraq.

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