WHO Puts Mexico on List of Countries with Local Coronavirus Transmissions

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The World Health Organization placed Mexico on the list of countries that have locally transmitted cases of the novel Coronavirus as health officials announced the number of patients reached 367 and kicked off a new disaster relief plan to slow the spread.

In their most recent daily Situational Report, the World Health Organization listed their statistics for Covid-19 cases, fatalities, and new cases in Mexico. In that document, they listed Mexico under the classification of “local transmission” versus the previous classification of “imported cases only” just one day prior. In their description, the WHO claims that the source of the infection is within the reporting location.

The new classification comes at a time when Mexico has confirmed its fourth fatality and a total of 367 cases. During their nightly news conference, Mexico’s health officials revealed that in addition to the confirmed cases they also had 826 suspicious cases.

During the news conference, Hugo Lopez Gatell revealed that of the 367 confirmed cases, 292 had come from individuals who traveled out of the country. Of the remaining cases, 70 of them were transmitted locally from individuals who had interacted with one of the patients who traveled. According to Lopez Gatell, five other cases come from individuals who did not travel out of the country or interact with those who did. The health official revealed that for those five cases, there are no known causes for contracting the virus.

Despite the 75 transmitted cases, Lopez Gatell claimed on Monday night that Mexico was dealing primarily with imported matters and has chose to not upgrade the situation in the country from Phase 1 to Phase 2, that would require additional measures to stop the communal spread.

One day after Lopez-Gatell’s comments, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced the country was going into Phase 2 and would be calling on the army and navy to help in a disaster relief.

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