Watch: Armed Protesters on Streets of Texas Capital

Armed protesters join Breonna Taylor rally in Austin, Texas, Wednesday night. (Photo: Twitter Video Screenshot/Savanah Hernandez)
Photo: Twitter Video Screenshot/Savanah Hernandez

A video posted on Twitter shows two armed men walking with protesters during a Wednesday night march for Breonna Taylor in Austin, Texas.

“Are you guys going to use those tonight,” Twitter user Savanah Hernandez asks two armed men walking with protesters in Austin. “We hope not,” one of the men wearing a mask over his face replies.

Hernandez asks why they have the rifles. The masked man responds, “Because you never know what’s going to happen.”

Hernandez asks, “So, they’re not for like the cops or anything?”

“No, no, just for protection,” the masked man replied.

At that point, his bearded companion responded, “Legally, I am required to answer no.” He then started laughing.

In another video she posted, a man wearing all black with his face covered can be seen carrying a rifle in the crowd as they march down Congress in Austin.

Earlier, Hernandez reported that protesters mobbed a local independent journalist and chased him down the streets, Breitbart Texas reported.

Protesters can be seen surrounding the man while chanting, “Act like a cop, be treated like a cop.”

Hernandez tweeted another video showing protesters following the journalist down the street while yelling, “This is not the press. This is not the press.”

A video tweeted by KVUE in Austin shows multiple armed protesters along the march. The armed protesters could be seen disbursed throughout the route of the protest.

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