Mark Levin Slams 'Stage Show' Adelson-RJC Event: 'What Is this, a Mickey Mouse Country We Have Here…?'

Mark Levin Slams 'Stage Show' Adelson-RJC Event: 'What Is this, a Mickey Mouse Country We Have Here…?'

On his Monday radio program, conservative talker Mark Levin railed against the so-called establishment Republican presidential hopefuls that convened upon Las Vegas over the weekend for the Republican Jewish Coalition conference in order to woo top donors, including casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.

Partial transcript as follows:

What is this, a Mickey Mouse country we have here, ladies and gentlemen? Is this the best we can do? Folks don’t remember, but I do, the last year and the last months of the Bush administration. Absolute disaster. Disaster. It led to Obama’s election and also led to the rise of the Tea Party. It wasn’t just Obama, it was Bush. Oh, and I remember the six years of Bush, the Republican Congress. Big, big, big bloated government. And it got bigger and bigger and more and more bloated.

And there is Jeb, pushing Common Core. And we’re going to spend an hour on one of the shows coming up on this whole issue. Nationalizing local public school curriculum. He says it’s really good, and we know he’s right because Lamar Alexander agrees with him. This is what I mean, ladies and gentlemen. All these limited-government constitutional Republicans. What is it that they want to limit? What part of the Constitution is it that they support?

Why don’t they let “We The People” make decisions about our children? About our health care? About our economy? About our own lives? Why do they keep joining in with the Democrats? Anyway, Las Vegas — millionaires and billionaires. And one after another these candidates were invited, making spectacles of themselves. Pandering.

Can I ask you a question? Is this the way to reach out to independents and Democrat voters? Is this the way to secure your base in the Republican Party? Is this not pathetic? Oh, I understand fundraising, particularly when you’re doing it behind the scenes and so forth. But this was a whole drama, you know, like a stage show. I’m just waiting for some Broadway music and I thought maybe some of these guys would come out in tutus and start dancing across that the stage. Particularly “Krispy Kreme.”

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