Paul Ryan: Dems Are Making a Big Mistake on Benghazi

Paul Ryan: Dems Are Making a Big Mistake on Benghazi

Wednesday on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) discussed the establishment of the Select Committee on Benghazi:

Partial Transcript as follows:

HEWITT: Of course, Democrats from Xavier Bacerra, who’s normally pretty calm, and Joe Crowley are calling it a charade, a kangaroo court.

RYAN: They’re making a mistake doing that.

HEWITT: And why do you think so?

RYAN: They’re making a mistake doing that, because we do not have answers. Four Americans are dead, including our ambassador. They were killed in a terrorist attack. We know that civilian and military authorities within 24 hours of the attack knew that this was a terrorist attack, and yet this narrative continued to be spun. And now we know that the White House was involved in pushing this narrative. We also have unanswered questions about security beforehand. We had all of these security problems surrounding this embassy, this consulate and others, and there were repeated requests for more security. And not only did they not get those requests honored, they had reduction in security. So there are a lot of questions that are still begging for answers. And for these victims and their families, justice requires that we get to the bottom of this. And so for a person in Congress, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, it really shouldn’t matter. To not want to get to these answers, now that we have evidence that information has been withheld, is just not right, and I disagree with them, and I think they are making a big mistake.

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