Mary Matalin: This President Has 'No Soul'

Mary Matalin: This President Has 'No Soul'

Thursday on NewsMax TV while discussing the president’s refusal to go to the border and witness the humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children being warehoused in holding faculties, conservative political consultant and former Bush and Reagan official Mary Matalin declared President Barack Obama has “no soul.”

Matalin said, “I keep looking for this man’s soul and I can’t find it.” 

She then recounted the story of her husband Democratic consultant James Carville having to “scream through backdoor channels” to get the president to come down to New Orleans during the BP oil spill crisis saying Obama has “no empathy,” “no understanding” and she added, “Everything is a celebration of him”

Matalin continued in expressing her frustrations with the president’s immigration policy saying, “This man cares about noting. This is so immoral”  and added “He wants chaos at the border.”

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