Malkin Blasts 'Double-Talking Weasel' Lamar Alexander

Malkin Blasts 'Double-Talking Weasel' Lamar Alexander

Political commentator and author Michelle Malkin sharply criticized Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) for his attempts to paint himself as an opponent of amnesty and Common Core. 

“Of course, [Alexander] is one of the biggest double-talking weasels and beltway barnacles out there, particularly on … immigration and Common Core,” Malkin said on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.” 

And, “You get these Washington Establishment Republicans who’ve been encrusted in big government for so long, they’re completely deaf, dumb, and blind to what their grassroots constituents are saying until it’s way too late,” she added. “And this is somebody, particularly on immigration, who has been an enabler for so long.”

She also accused Alexander of not being serious on immigration and just using political “talking points” to gain re-election. Malkin concluded that Alexander was “as radical as they come,” and engaging in a “false, deceitful campaign that he is now trying to launch to make himself seem a friend of opponents of fed. ed. when he is at the center of it?  It’s so disingenuous.”

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