Caddell Concedes Polls Make Immigration a Weapon

Caddell Concedes Polls Make Immigration a Weapon

Former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell admitted that illegal immigration will be a weapon in electoral politics, and that there has been a “flip” in public opinion as a result of the crisis on the southern border on Monday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.  

“What had been an issue only in Republican primaries is starting to be a general election albatross, and I predict that if the president goes ahead and gives amnesty to 5 million people, this thing will blow up on the Democrats” he said.  And that voters’ attention has been focused not on “an overall immigration plan, but on the crisis at the border and the fact the border is not secure.”

Caddell added that failure to secure the border will prevent “overall immigration reform,” and argued that the border must be secured first, stating “I believe we should have overall immigration reform in this country. We need to. But you cannot get it until you have proven you can secure the border, and we’re not, and democrats keep mouthing that.”  

He also declared that Democrats could no longer get away with simply giving talking about securing the border while failing to do so.  

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