GOP Address — AZ House Speaker: State 'Under Attack' from Feds

GOP Address — AZ House Speaker: State 'Under Attack' from Feds

Andy Tobin, current Republican Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona’s District 1, argued that Arizona “is under attack from the federal government” during the weekly Republican address.

 “I’m running for Congress for a simple reason: Our state is under attack from the federal government. Day after day, the powers-that-be in Washington try to bury us in more regulations and more havoc.  This has to stop.  Not just here, but everywhere people are working harder only to have Washington take more of their money and more of their freedom” he said.

Tobin argued that ending “overregulation,” repealing ObamaCare, and reducing the federal deficit were crucial to stopping this assault on his state and others.  He further pointed to the successes of the state of Arizona during his tenure as speaker.  

“That’s why the gridlock in Washington is so disappointing.  You have Republicans making a good-faith effort, bringing real ideas to the table to help our economy, but Senate Democrats won’t give them a vote.  They didn’t even pass their own bill to help us deal with the crisis at our border.  They’re more worried about losing their Senate majority than the concerns of the American people” he concluded.

(Transcript credit: ABC News Radio)

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