Perry: 'Substantially Concerned' Terrorists Could Cross Border

Perry: 'Substantially Concerned' Terrorists Could Cross Border

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) argued that Americans should be “substantially concerned” that terrorists could sneak across the southern border and that the federal government wasn’t even giving “lip service” to securing the border on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“Americans are still, and they should be, substantially concerned that the southern border of the United States and Mexico is potentially a place where radicalized terrorists could penetrate into the United States with intent to do harm to American citizens, and that’s the reason that the federal government continues to fail, from my perspective, in securing that border, putting the resources there that we know can make that border substantially more secure than it is today” he said.

Perry also blasted the federal government for failing to take the problem of border security seriously, including the FAA’s refusal to authorize the state to use drones to secure the border, stating “I just don’t think we’ve got the federal government’s agreement that this is as big a problem as what a lot of us in this country, and I can assure you that those farmers, those ranchers, those individuals who have seen these people penetrating across the border, crossing their land, and then, that’s not to mention the thousands of criminal activities that have gone on by individuals who come into the state of Texas and then go across this country and [commit] criminal acts.” And “my concern [is] that this administration has been giving lip service to, I’m not even sure they’re giving lip service to, the security of the southern border with Mexico … what people want to see is a border that is secure, that they know their communities are going to be secure, that their families are going to be safe. That’s what Americans want all across this country, and that’s exactly what ISIS is trying to tear down with their threats, and we need to be exceptionally vigilant on our southern border.”

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