FNC's Outnumbered Slams Obama Over Breitbart GAI Report

FNC's Outnumbered Slams Obama Over Breitbart GAI Report

The hosts on Tuesday’s “Outnumbered” on the Fox News Channel slammed the president for trying to blame the failure to anticipate the rise of ISIS in light of a new report by Breitbart News showing that the Government Accountability Institute’s [GAI] numbers indicate the president missed the majority of his intelligence briefings. 

Andrea Tantaros declared that the White House’s attempt to pass the buck to the intelligence community is a “pathetic excuse in my opinion…and this bomb dropping today. The president missed this threat, according to a new GAI report, because maybe he only attended 42% of his intel briefings.”

Rachel Campos-Duffy added “he has time for March Madness brackets on ESPN, he has time for vacation, golf, basketball. This is kind of really dereliction of duty. This is job number one of the president.”

Harris Faulkner wondered “if the president really wanted to blame somebody, has he considered maybe punishing these people? Well no. Because it wasn’t them.”

Katie Pavlich pointed out that “at the same time, they’re saying the president is relying on the intelligence community who is saying ‘we’re giving you all the information that you should have had,’ saying they gave it to him a year ago. You saw the president throwing them under the bus, when it’s convenient for him politically to get out of taking responsibility.”

Bernard McGuirk concluded the discussion by saying “there’s no way he didn’t know. He knew what ISIS was up to. They took Mosul in June, Fallujah in February. So he knew. He didn’t want to get us involved….it wasn’t an intelligence failure.”

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