CNN Poll: Anger Driving Midterm Elections

CNN Poll: Anger Driving Midterm Elections

Monday afternoon on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” host Jake Tapper reported that a new CNN poll reveals that anger is driving turnout in this year’s midterm elections.

“New CNN polls breaking right now reveal what is driving voters across the nation,” Tapper said. “Guess what? It’s anger about the direction of the country and the one man not up for reelection, President Obama.

Tapper then brought on CNN political correspondent John King to explain the results of the poll.

“Let’s start with a number that will make some Democrats happy, but it’s a bit misleading,” King began. “In the generic ballot, we asked people, ‘Who are you planning to for in Congress eight days from now?’ It’s a statistical tie, Democrats with a slight edge. But don’t be misled by that, that’s not a horrible number for the Democrats.”

“Look at this heading into the election,” King continued. “Sixty-eight percent of the American people say they are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ angry. Some are unhappy with the economy, a lot of them are angry at the dysfunction in Washington, Congress does not get high approval ratings either here.”

“Here’s another interesting number; fifty-three percent saying they are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ scared. No question. We’ve spent the last month talking about what, the ISIS terrorist threat, Americans beheaded overseas, now Ebola, so Americans are scared, angry, a bit anxious heading into Election Day, that’s usually not good for the President’s party, and if I were an incumbent in any party, that would make me a little nervous.”

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