Molly Ball: Obama Doing 'A Bit of A Misdirection' on Gruber

Molly Ball: Obama Doing 'A Bit of A Misdirection' on Gruber

Molly Ball, Politics Writer for The Atlantic,  said that President Obama’s claim that Jonathan Gruber was not on staff during the drafting of Obamacare was “a bit of a misdirection” on Monday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

“To say he [Gruber] was not on staff is a bit of a misdirection when he did get quite a hefty salary for his consultation and when a lot of Democrats loved to tout his role in it when they were campaigning against Mitt Romney, and pointing out that Gruber was the architect in a lot ways of Romney’s plan in Massachusetts. And therefore, they were pointing out that Obamacare has a lot in common with ‘Romneycare.’…he is a very significant person in this policy” she stated.

Ball additionally argued that due a lack of other bad news on Obamacare, “a lot of critics are seizing on this because it’s a sort life raft for them to maybe say ‘maybe we can stir up outrage anew at the way that this was originally done and get some more momentum for repeal,’ which at this point does not look like much of a possibility.”

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