Levin: You Don’t Love Something You Want to ‘Fundamentally Transform’

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin defended Rudy Giuliani’s comments regarding President Obama’s love of America on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“Rudy’s exactly right, and I would add, and I’ve said this many years on my radio program, when somebody says they want to fundamentally transform America, well, then you must not love America. It’s like saying i’m going to fundamentally transform my wife, or my girlfriend, that means you must not love your wife or your girlfriend. And Obama has shown no indication that he loves the Constitution. He never talks about capitalism. He’s always bringing up the past. He’s always picking at scabs. Even now he’s a patsy for Islamic terrorism. Half of his speeches are about how terrible America is and America shouldn’t react in [a] negative way” he stated.

Later, Levin added “I think Obama is a religious and historical illiterate. I think he really does have contempt for this country. He has contempt for our military. He’s demonstrated that. And Rudy’s exactly right. And you had mentioned this early on, who did he hang out with? He’d hang out with this guy Khalidi who was a mouthpiece for Arafat. He’d hang out with Dohrn and Ayers, who are they? Domestic terrorists…his great mentor was a well-known Soviet, Communist sympathizer in Hawaii. His father, the same thing, and so this is who indoctrinated Obama. He doesn’t think like us. He doesn’t react the way we do. But i do want to do one thing to remind people what we’re really talking about here. Obama as I said is a patsy for Islamic terrorism the way Chamberlain was a patsy for the Third Reich.”

Levin also argued “he’s no defender of Muslims, and Muslims are being slaughtered all over, the Middle East, they’re being slaughtered in Africa along with Christians, along with nonbelievers in a certain sect of Islam. This man is not defending them. It’s those of us who speak out and who are insisting that we take effective military steps to put an end to this. We are the ones speaking out for Muslims and so forth.”

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