Buchanan: Iran Isn’t Going to Get a Nuke

Columnist Pat Buchanan said that Iran is not developing nuclear bombs or intercontinental ballistic missiles, and “we are going to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

After fellow panelist Mort Zuckerman argued that “it takes the United States, and several others to tell Iran ‘we are not going to allow you to develop nuclear weapons’…they are allowing them to, in fact” Buchanan interjected “they are not. There is no bomb program going on, according to our intelligence…I don’t believe there is an intercontinental ballistic missile being developed by Iran.”

Zuckerman responded “it doesn’t have to be intercontinental to go from Iran to Israel,” Buchanan then said “they’ve got those already,” to which Zuckerman remarked “exactly, and they can put nuclear weapons — they can put weapons on those.”

Buchanan concluded, “we are going to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. That’s what the talks are about. It’s either talk or go to war.”

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