Pelosi to GOP: TX Judge Saved You — Pass DHS Funding

Wednesday at the House Democratic leadership press briefing, in addressing the current political battle over funding the department of Homeland Security without allowing funds to flow to President Barack Obama’s executive order amnesty, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, the Republicans need to realize the judge in Texas who put on stay on the executive action gave them “a face saving way to just get this job done.”

Pelosi urged the GOP to get “more sober” and realize their responsibility to protect the American people and fund DHS.

Pelosi said, “It’s about you, your home, your neighborhood, our country and that is what the Republicans are being very frivolous about, our oath to protect the home, the homeland. I believe the judges decision in Texas was a bad one, but it is one that gives them a face saving way to just get this job done. Pass the funding until the end of September, the end of the fiscal year, and let us keep the American people safe. If they don’t do that its clear their real motivation  was to just  shutdown government and the immigration issue was an  excuse, not a reason. So I hope that as the Republicans emerge from their caucus they will do so more sober and somber about what their responsibilities are.”

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