Davis: Clinton Foundation ‘The Most Transparent’

Former White House Special Counsel for President Clinton Lanny Davis declared that the Clinton Foundation is “the most transparent foundation” on Tuesday’s “Imus in the Morning” on the Fox Business Network.

Davis first stated that he doesn’t represents either of the Clintons or the campaign.

Imus then asked Davis, “do you ever say to yourself, ‘look what I’ve done with my life, defending these skunks, it’s just — is it worth it? I mean, I could have been doing good in my life instead of covering up for these crooks and despots and dictators all over the world?”

Davis responded, “so, here is my honest answer. I’ve known Hillary when her name was Rodham, before she met Bill Clinton. I’ve known Bill Clinton since 1970 when he first arrived at Yale Law School, and I already graduated. These are two, in my longstanding experience with them, two people dedicated to doing good, to public service, as long as I’ve known them. The first five minutes after I met Hillary Rodham…I was a senior, she was a freshman. I recognized her from the speech she gave, which was a great speech about the ’60s, as the valedictorian at Wellesley, and I said ‘is there any advice I can give you about taking courses or teachers? Because the first semester, Yale Law School, very challenging.’ And she said, ‘not really, but could you tell me where the nearest legal services clinic is?’ Now, that’s a true story within five minutes of meeting Hillary Rodham. I thought to myself, ‘this is an unusual person who looks like public service is going to be her life.’ On both of them, I’m proud to talk about and at least stick to the facts, because I genuinely admire and they’re also two good friends.”

Imus then said, “well you have to wonder, the — how they got from there to the point where, in her case, destroying thousands of emails, at least she learned, she was on the Nixon committee. At least she learned from him, we all know he should have burned the tapes. So, she got rid of emails. That was smart on her part. And then, to the point — whether or not reporting these contributions to — their foundation, and then, where he’s getting these extraordinary speaking fees for these various countries they are getting cut slack by her, — what happened in between, where they got from this noble beginning to where they are now?”

Davis answered, “the destruction of private emails is no different than you and me not wanting private emails –” Imus interjected, “we’re assuming they’re private. We don’t know that.”

Davis continued, “every single member about Congress, every elected official, everyone in government is told ‘you make the decision what’s private or public.’ So there’s double standard here, whether it’s Governor Jeb Bush, who I greatly admire, who kept his own server, and a half a million emails he never disclosed. So, that double-standard, which I absolutely defend what Governor Bush did, is clear when it applies to the Clintons.”

Imus objected, “what does Jeb Bush got to do with anything? Because OJ murdered his wife, I can murder mine? Your defense is OJ murdered his wife, so I’m going to kill mine.”

Davis argued, “I don’t think Governor Bush did anything wrong. This man who wrote this book filled with smoke and no facts. He admitted that on the air. He said he’s doing the same book about Governor Bush, who I think is a decent, and honorable man. I will say the same thing if he blows smoke with no facts about Governor Bush, as I have about the Clintons. And you were not accurate in saying, the non-reporting of contributions to the foundation. It’s the most transparent foundation, way, way beyond what you’re required to do under the law. That is absolutely a fact.”

Imus then asked Davis “did Bill ever take you to orgy island?” Davis responded, “of all people, you know that the media blows smoke without facts.”

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