Zuckerman on TPP: You Cannot Do It Where Hundreds of Thousands Will Lose Jobs

On this weekend’s broadcast of “The McLaughlin Group,” U.S. News and World Report editor Mort Zuckerman warned of the consequences of passing the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Zuckerman acknowledged it would bring lower cost good to U.S. markets, but it would also result in the exportation of jobs overseas in the United States.

“It suggests to me whatever they are producing in that country, we have a huge disadvantage and it’s going to wipe out a lot of economic activity here,” he said. “And while I believe in getting the best goods, you cannot do it at a cost of where hundreds of thousands of people are going to lose their jobs. You’ve got to do it at a much different and controlled pace because it is not far for people in this country to lose their jobs because of that kind of an issue.”

“In the long term, we’ll all be dead,” Zuckerman explained. “In the short term, we’ve all got to earn a living. So you’ve got to find some way to balance this out. It’s very easy to say that.”

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