Sessions on TPA Fight: ‘Tomorrow Is D-Day for the Citizens’

On Mark Levin’s Wednesday radio show, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) picked up where he left off earlier in the day criticizing the so-called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) on Sean Hannity’s radio show.

Sessions explained why the TPA, which would make the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership possible, is bad for the United States and its sovereignty.

“It creates an international commission,” he said. “It has all the earmarks of how the European Union got started. The Sultan of Brunei gets the same vote as the president of the United States.  And they could pass a lot of things which could bind Americans in all kinds of different ways. And, fundamentally, we don’t have any control over them. We can’t vote out the Sultan of Brunei. So this is a diminishment of the individual citizens’ power. It is a transfer to this president, and to an international organization that we have no reason to believe will serve our interests.”

Thus, with an aggressive whipping effort in the U.S. House by the Republican leadership, Sessions suggested that tomorrow would be the day people would have to get involved and get in touch with their member of Congress to urge them to vote “no” on the TPA since a vote could be looming as early as Friday.

“It’s got to really be done tomorrow because they’re trying to have this vote – they think they may have the votes and they want to try to force it Friday if they think they’ve got the votes,” Sessions said. “So, it’s still up in the air. This is a decisive moment for us. We do not need to be talking a trade deal that will end up creating an international commission that binds our citizens … if we get this fast-tracked, the deal is done in all likelihood. It needs to be stopped tomorrow.”

With the vote having already been settled in the U.S. Senate, Levin urged his listeners to focus on the U.S. House of Representatives, to which Sessions reiterated the importance of the citizens focusing their efforts on tomorrow.

“Tomorrow is the big day – it sure is,” Sessions said. “Tomorrow is D-Day for the citizens and the vote will be Friday, it appears.”

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