Charles Barkley: ‘I Get Offended When People Just Play the Race Card’

Former NBA great and now TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley reacted on Colin Cowherd’s Fox Sports 1 show “The Herd” Wednesday to the outrage over black tennis player Serena Williams making $13 million in endorsements, as opposed to white tennis player Maria Sharapova making $23 million in endorsements.

Barkley explained that some people just do not prefer Williams’ “really muscular” body, and that the race card should not just be played for any reason, because “people get sick of people crying wolf.”

“Serena is really muscular, so people might hold that against her. You hear people saying rude things about her body. I think she’s got a fantastic body, myself. I just get offended when everybody plays the race card over something silly, when somebody makes $40 million instead of $30. When race comes in to play, people get sick of people crying wolf. I try to never use the race card unless I’m 100 percent sure. It makes great talk radio, but it can’t be proven.”

“I mean, you can’t be just throwing the race thing out there,” he added. “I don’t like when people throw the race card out there like they have proof. You can think that, but you can’t prove it.”

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