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How Fox’s 25 Seasons of Doing NFL Has Changed the Game

Terry Bradshaw thought his career as a football analyst was over in 1993 when CBS lost the NFL rights to Fox. But instead of going back to cattle ranching, he has had a front-row seat to the biggest sports broadcasting startup of the past quarter-century.

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NFL Broadcasters Ignore Anthem Protests as Ratings Crater

As the NFL’s 2017 season began, all the league’s broadcast partners were deeply interested in showing the national anthem in order to highlight the protests by millionaire players. But, as Week 6 hit and ratings had slipped to record lows, those same broadcasters began to end their attention on the protests to avoid angering millions of NFL fans.

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Fox Sports Hires Michael Vick As an NFL Analyst

Michael Vick caused quite a stir earlier earlier this summer during an appearance on Fox Sports 1, when the former NFL quarterback dared to opine that anthem-protesting quarterback Colin Kaepernick, should get a haircut. Vick suggested the move, as a way for Kaepernick to soften his appearance and put potential employers at ease.

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Jay Cutler Postpones Broadcasting, Signs With Dolphins

For a very long time, fans have questioned how much Jay Cutler loves football?

So, how much does he love football? Well, apparently the former Broncos and Bears quarterback loves it more than broadcasting.

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ESPN’s $240 Million/Yr. ACC Produces 1 Sweet 16 Team, Fox Sports Debut Conferences Produce 8

Four years ago ESPN increased its annual payment to the ACC to $240 million as part of an attempt to make it the greatest basketball conference in history, and prevent Fox Sports from getting off the ground with a basketball lineup of the Big East to its lineup of the Big 12 and Pac-12. This week ESPN’s “greatest conference ever” produced only one Sweet 16 team (UNC) while the three Fox Sports’ conferences produced eight.

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Big East Rankings Rise to Help Fox Sports Challenge ESPN

The new Value Add Basketball rankings give two dozen Big East players high marks, and the top service used by coaches shows the conference surging near the top just two years after Fox Sports made it a lynch pin in it’s challenge to ESPN.


Watch: A-Rod Hurls Football on Fox Sports NFL Set, Breaks Monitor

New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez recently joined Fox Sports as an analyst for the 2015 MLB playoffs. During “Fox NFL Sunday,” the slugger and former stand-out high school quarterback joined the pregame show crew and was asked to show off