Rubio: We’re Not Shutting Down the Gov’t Over Planned Parenthood, Democrats Are

Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio stated that Republicans aren’t the ones shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood, Democrats are on Thursday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Rubio said, “on the issue of Planned Parenthood, the work should have begun weeks ago laying the groundwork for this debate. Obviously, the House, the Senate should have laid the groundwork for this debate so that people understand that we’re not just debating an organization here, that some people might think is a nice organization or whatever. We’re organization — we’re debating their practices. And here’s the truth…the people who are threatening a shutdown [are] Barack Obama and his allies in the Senate. What they’re arguing is, if the federal budget does not fully fund Planned Parenthood, I will veto the budget, and hence, shut down the government. That should be the message. Instead, it’s always the reverse, the Republicans are going to shut down the government. No, we’re not. We are in support of funding the government fully, just not giving any more money to this one organization that was just caught on video dismembering unborn children, or in one case, a child that had already been born alive, as Carly did very well last night outlining and describing the video. So, I don’t understand why we accept this argument that we’re the ones shutting it down. They’re the ones shutting it down. It would be a Democratic filibuster and a presidential veto that would shut down the government, and it would be for the purpose of supporting one organization.”

Rubio added, “no one can tell me that Planned Parenthood — funding Planned Parenthood as an organization is such a high priority that we have to do it, otherwise we won’t fund government, that’s absurd.”

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