Seahawks DE Michael Bennett: Cops Killing Black People a ‘Form of Terrorism’

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael  Bennett was a guest on ESPN Radio’s “Dan Le Batard Show” Wednesday and spoke on the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

In September, Bennett said the “Black Lives Matter” movement is “more about the social injustice” of the people that are “supposed to protect them.” Bennett reiterated that point again on Wednesday, and then took it further by telling show host Dan Le Batard that the police killing black men is a “form of terrorism.”

“It just feels like nothing is really changing. We see a lot of black men getting killed by the police and I’m just hoping something changes and we talked about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ thing and that’s one of the things we were talking about,” he said.

He added, “People should be protecting us and the police is one of them and every month we find out another black man is murdered and I feel like that’s a form of terrorism, too. We talk about Paris and, it’s not blowing up a building or anything, but at the same time it’s killing our own people and it’s happening from the people that’s supposed to be protecting us.”

The star defensive end went on to say that the “social injustice” now is the same as it was in 1960, 1940 and 1920.

Bennett was asked if he was afraid now to be pulled over, which he said he is and he has to make sure he is “following all of the right rules.”

“I’m afraid that some cop might not like the car I’m driving, the way I’m living or the way I’m talking. It could happen to anybody, especially being a black man. They don’t care if I play in the NFL. If I’m not in Seattle, I could be in a whole other city and they had might not know I’m playing in the NFL and they might treat me different. Of course I’m nervous whenever I get pulled over by police. I’m just making sure I got everything right and making sure that, you know, I’m following all the right rules.”

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