BET’s Cane: Congress More Diverse Than Oscar Voters ‘Disturbing’

Black Entertainment Network personality Clay Cane spoke on MSNBC Saturday about diversity in Hollywood.

Cane noted that black actors used to not be “sellable” in movies. He said he wished that Hollywood would notice that black movies like Tyler Perry movies or “Straight Outta Compton” do well at the box office. He added that movies without diversity are not as marketable as they once were.

Then, Cane lamented that voters for the Oscars as a group are less diverse than Congress.

“It’s unfortunate, if you look at the Oscar voters, Congress is more diverse than the Oscar voters,” said Cane. “That’s kind of disturbing to me.”

“I think F. Gary Gray said that we shouldn’t put too much praise on the Oscars. As of 2012 they were 94% white and male. So, I am looking forward to the future,” he concluded

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