Levin: Some Campaign Is Trying to ‘Intimidate Me’ Using My Fiancée’s Son — If I Find Out Who, I’ll Expose Them

Talk radio host Mark Levin said that someone, who he believes is with a GOP presidential campaign is trying to “intimidate” him by using the fact that his fiancée’s son works in Ted Cruz’s Senate office on Thursday.

Levin stated that he had received word “that somebody or some people, were looking into my background.” He added that he thinks it’s a campaign trying “to intimidate me.”

Levin then said that he supported GOP presidential candidates Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul back when they ran for the Senate, and there are lots of people he has supported or opposed.

He continued that his fiancée’s son works in Cruz’s Senate office. Levin then said his fiancée’s son can work with whoever he chooses to work with.

Levin then said, “So, somebody tipped off a reporter or reporters to this devastating fact, and they’re trying to intimidate me.” Levin added the story is nothing, and his fiancée’s son can work for whoever he pleases, and he doesn’t care who he works for. And that “if somebody wants to work for a senator or congressman, they’re free to work for a senator or congressman. I’m not going to tell them not to. Or if they want to work for Donald Trump, I’m not going to tell them not to. I like all these people. I like a lot of them. It’s not personal with me. It’s philosophical with me.”

He added that he wasn’t going to be intimidated and wants to find out which campaign did this so he can expose them. Levin further stated that every host has family working for someone, and some have stayed at Trump’s hotels or golfed with him, none of which he cares about. He further said, “Some of these websites are funded by individuals who fund campaigns. So what?”

Levin further stated, “no host should be intimidated. No journalist should be intimidated. No guest commentator should be intimidated.”

He then said that “These aren’t Democrats doing this, these are Republicans doing this. And I’m not really that surprised, because on the same day this goes on, right before I go on-air, then I read this headline, the Associated Press, ‘Cruz no favorite with fellow Republican senators.’ CNN, ‘The Ted Cruz pile on: GOP senators warn of revolt should he win nomination.’ So, they’re bleeding this stuff out one at a time, one at a time, somebody, running for president, who has staff on Capitol Hill, thought this was a little gotcha, and they put it out the same day the establishment on Capitol Hill is pushing their stories out. I got it.”

Levin concluded the first segment by saying it wouldn’t impact him, but he’s “furious” someone else is being dragged in.

After coming back from break, Levin said, “I do not, by the way, believe it’s the Trump campaign. Either he’s — that, or he’s completely two-faced, and I don’t believe that. He called me a couple weeks ago. He couldn’t have been more complimentary. It was a very friendly discussion. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I think it’s a campaign that has its genesis on Capitol Hill. Because it’s a very insular, cloistered environment up there. I could be wrong, but I think I know.” Levin then jokingly endorsed several other Republican candidates to mock the notion that any of this would change his positions.

He concluded, “somebody thinks they’re going to get to me, that they’re going to get to me and silence me, or quiet me, or intimidate me through this backdoor effort. And I want to expose them to the entire nation. And I want them to wet themselves, and I want them to know, you better be on guard, because if I find out, if my inkling is right, you’re the story.”

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