Fournier: If Hillary Was Telling The Truth About Wall Street Speeches, She’d Release Them

National Journal Senior Political Columnist Ron Fournier argued that if Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was being honest in her claims regarding what she said in her Wall Street speeches “she would have released them, okay? So I suspect she’s not telling the truth” on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Fournier said that the problem with Hillary saying she’ll release the transcripts of her paid Wall Street speeches when Republicans do is “she told the American public that when I gave those speeches, I took on Wall Street. I told them that what they’ve got to do — they’ve got to do [it] a better. So, if that was true, she would have released them, okay? So I suspect she’s not telling the truth. This is an era of transparency. The public has a right to know. Release it.”

Fournier continued, “[W]hen she says why should I do it, everybody else does it? Because you want to be president. Because supposedly you’re better than the Republican Party. Are you not better than the Republican Party? Is that the standard now, you’re only going to be as good as those that you tell us are evil? No. You say you’re going to be better. So be better. Release the transcripts, and let’s make our own decision.”

He added, “[I]t’s her fault that we’re focused on it, because she’s not doing the right thing. She’s not being transparent.”

Later on he agreed that Hillary has been tough on Wall Street, and this is yet another reason why she ought to release the transcripts.

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)

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