South Carolina Teacher Creates ‘Gentleman’s Club’ to Teach Young Students How to Be Gentlemen

A South Carolina elementary teacher is working to help his young students learn how to act like gentlemen, according to a report by WSMV.

Raymond Nelson of Memminger Elementary in Downtown Charleston hosts 60 kids every Wednesday at the Gentleman’s Club, where the children are taught how to dress and act like gentlemen.

He works with children who are at-risk children and came up with this idea to help the children.

“I was thinking maybe if I have the boys dress for success,” said Nelson. “When was the last time you saw someone fighting in a tuxedo?”

The club’s motto is “Look good, feel good, do good.”

The children meet with Nelson each Wednesday decked out in their best clothes. Nelson even provides some jackets, ties and vests for the children who do not have some of their own.

“I know a lot of them struggle because a lot of them don’t have men at home, so I just want them to grow up and think of the things that I teach them,” he said. “It helped me to be a better man and I could spread the knowledge to the young boys.”

Every week, the club talks about how to properly shake hands, open doors, make eye contact and address someone older with respect.

Nelson explained he went through a similar program when he was young, which he said helped him become a better man.

Gentleman’s Club has been such a hit at Memminger Elementary that school district officials want other local schools to implement a Gentleman’s club of their own.

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