‘When It Comes To Violence, They Say Nothing,’ RNC’s Sean Spicer Spars With DNC’s Miranda Over ‘Divisive Primary’

Republican National Committee Communications Director and Chief Strategist Sean Spicer and Democratic National Committee Communications Director Luis Miranda faced off Friday on CNN’s “New Day” during a discussing of the upcoming general election.

Miranda started off by talking about the “contrast between the two parties,” saying, the “divisiveness and the ugly rhetoric has been coming from Republicans for a very long time, from their party leadership, and policies that focus on those at the very top, at the expense of hard-working Americans.”

Spicer responded to Miranda’s statement, “Luis did a great job reciting the DNC talking points, and that’s his job, and I appreciate that. But the reality is, campaigns are about two things: candidates, the message that they espouse and their ability to connect with voters, and then mechanics, the ability to get out there and actually go door-to-door, contact voters, and get them out to the polls.”

He then criticized the DNC’s ground game, calling them “bankrupt” and “in shambles.”

“The problem right now is that they’re [the DNC] going to come out of this divisive primary, with Hillary and Bernie Sanders, and the DNC is not in the position that a political party needs to be to provide the resources to win. They have no ground game. They have no data and digital operation. Their fundraising’s anemic They’re frankly bankrupt. … And so, as much as Luis can talk about the rhetoric that they’re going to espouse, and the talking points that they’re going to email out, being able to email is about the only resource that the DNC is going to be able to provide their nominee,” Spicer added.

Spicer later said, “[W]hen the issues happened in Chicago a few months ago, it was the Republican National Committee, and members — folks on our side that called out and said, we agree, this sort of violence isn’t acceptable. But yesterday, you heard absolute silence. When folks on the left went and caused this absolute disrespectful nature, caused violence, ruining public property, silence from the DNC, silence from Hillary Clinton. They are such hypocrites. … When it comes to violence, they say nothing.”

Miranda responded by saying, “I will denounce it right now, Sean. Protests should be peaceful.”

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