Lou Holtz: People ‘Endear Themselves’ to Donald Trump Because He’s Not Politically Correct

Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz appeared on Thursday’s “Fox & Friends” on Fox News Channel to discuss his recent endorsement of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Holtz said the reasoning behind his support for Trump is he wants to change the current path of the United States.

“I think when you look at the things that happening in our country, we have fewer people working today than in the last 40 years, yeah we have a much we have a much larger population. We have more people in poverty, more people on welfare, more people on food stamps and yet the national debt has almost doubled, up to $20 trillion. You look, we don’t protect our borders. If you don’t protect the borders you don’t really have a country. Look at all the different problems we have, and I just didn’t want to see this country continue down this path,” Holtz explained.

The legendary football coach later noted how Trump is not politically correct, which he said is now “ruled in this country.”

He said, “The other thing is that political correctness is ruled in this country. I grew up where people bullied you and called you names, you learned to handle it. Now, everything is politically correct. People endear themselves to Donald Trump because he’s not [politically] correct.”

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