Dem Rep Himes: Asking if Gun Control Proposals Would’ve Stopped Orlando Shooting ‘Not the Question to Ask’

Saturday on MSNBC, host Alex Witt asked Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) if he believes the gun proposals that will be voted on Monday by Congress would have stopped last week’s Orlando shooting.

Himes responded by saying that question is not the one to ask, but a “reasonable” proposal would “stop a lot of these events.”

“That’s not the question to ask. This is part of the problem with the conversation. What happens is we look at this week’s latest atrocity and we say, ‘Now wait a minute, this proposal that you’ve made wouldn’t have stopped this particular event.’ nd that may or may not be true for every particular event, right? the point is, if we could pass a reasonable and commonsensical package of these things, we would stop a lot of these events.

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